Country Day and 100 Dresses

Ms. Meredith Stone is one of the Deans of the Elementary of Country Day out of Bloomfield.  She has an After School Program and during this program a Project was started to read the book One Hundred Dresses .   The group with the help from Ms. Stone thought it would be fun to set a goal and collect 100 dresses to give to Harms Elementary students.  Some of the students in the program were boys so their families decided it would be fun to go out and buy their dress to donate.

Hearing about the project Mr. Cruz and Mrs. Lazono came together and decided the girls to receive these dresses would be girls who made their Accelerated Reader Goals for this marking period. So we gave out golden tickets to those girls who qualified for the 100 Dress Project.     Country Day High School students have been coming to Harms for the past two years.    They donate their time and energy to do special projects and art activities with Harms students.  They have been doing this for the past two years with the help from Mrs. Carol Keeler from Country Day.   Our whole school benefits from the visit in December.  Country Day Basket Ball Team and Cheer Squad as well as the Field Hockey and their coaches come and help with the December Activity.  This year we had six bus loads of 200 students to share a Fun filled morning at Harms.  Santa even came and handed out Candy Canes.  Harms is very lucky to have this partnership. We  now look  forward to Country Day every year.

We thank Country Day for all their love to Harms and their Students.
by Mrs. Lovelace and Mrs.Rosario

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