Baseball Update

On Saturday, May 1st, the Harms Hawks Baseball Team was shut out by Pasteur at Jayne Field. However, Cristen pitched a complete game, striking out three batters in the second inning. Vazquez, the second basewoman, made a spirited play when she stopped a well-hit ball from going deep into the outfield, and ran to second base to prevent the runner from going to third. Angel and Flores got some on-the-job training as they took turns substituting for Lora behind the plate. “Being catcher is tough!” commented Flores, and the coach, Mr. Vega, thought it was an understatement. In the fourth inning, Santana, the first basewoman, kept a ball fielded by the pitcher from going past the foul line.

Our next game is on Thursday, May 7th against Munger, at 5 p.m. at Peterson Playfield, between 6 and 7 Mile, near Southfield Freeway.

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