Harms Lego Robotics Team Wins!

The Harms Lego Robotics Team won the Innovative Solution Award at the tournament Saturday. This award recognizes a team’s solution that is exceptionally well-considered and creative, with good potential to solve the problem researched.  Our team’s innovative solution was to remake crayons by filling empty glue sticks with melted wax from small broken crayons.  The prototypes really work!

The students did awesome with all three judging sessions. The Harms students, parents, and staff are so excited  and proud of the team’s accomplishments.

Thanks go to DTE Energy for sponsoring us.  Their generous funds covered the competition fee, robot, supplies, t-shirts, and the bus. DTE Mentors also came weekly to help students with the project.
We can’t wait until next year!

Watch the Harms Hawks make that robot work!

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