Harms Students BElieve THEre is GOOD in the World

The Harms students in 3rd through 5th grades took a simple piece of art and put it into action.  Looking at the plaque with the dual messages, students discussed both meanings and what it meant to do both.

The last days before the Holiday Break all of the 3rd-5th Grade students received a T-shirt with the plaque’s logo.  The student shirts were provided through a grant on DonorsChoose.  Students will wear the shirts as part of their uniform every Friday.  If you ask students, they can tell you the meanings of the two messages … more than just the words.  Even when things seem really bad there is always a little bit of good to be found.  And, every day I can do something good for someone else.

When they received the t-shirts we extended the conversation of the two messages by watching and discussing the video, Why I Think This World (of negativity & hatred) Should End, by Prince Ea. Students were urged to share this video, along with their shirts, with others and discuss the messages. The t-shirts strike up conversations beyond our classroom and even our school. I have even received requests from teachers and parents to order t-shirts for themselves.

Now our students are actively doing good deeds and talking about them. After the holiday break students posted the GOOD they did and the GOOD they witnessed in the world. Recognizing this and celebrating it can only make the GOOD a more permanent part of their daily lives.

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