Family Literacy Program

The English Language Learners/Toyota Family Learning Program is a family literacy program for non-English speaking Hispanic parents with children enrolled in grades PK – 3 at Harms.  The program runs from mid-September to June and meets 4 half days per week on site.  Enrolled participants learn English using their children’s curriculum as a guide, have weekly Parent Time sessions and spend 30 minutes each day in their children’s classrooms.  Through a grant from Toyota families also work together to identify community needs that they are able to address through two generation service projects and serve as mentors to others.  The program is free to parents and supportive childcare is available for participants with children ages 6 weeks to 3 years.  Parents can enroll anytime during the fall and winter months and should contact the Adult Educator on site for more information.  Interested parents can also call Amphy Negron at 896-2800 ext. 6402 for more information in Spanish.