The game of baseball teaches children discipline, focus, and even a little bit of physical science.  This Spring 2015 season, the Harms Hawks played in the D.P.S. 5th and 6th grade league (since our school only goes up to 5th grade, our athletes were 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders).  The games were played at Jayne Field and Peterson Playfield.  The other schools that played in this league were Burton International, Pasteur, Munger, Shulze, and F.L.I.C.S.  One of the purposes of this league is to expose elementary school children to the game so that once they are in high school, they know enough to be able to play competitively.  The league is sponsored by Corageous Inc., a local athletic training facility that boasts an indoor running track, weight room, and, as might be expected, batting cages with pitching guns.  The company also provides baseball equipment for the school teams.  During practice, the coach goes through drills like fielding ground balls, turning double plays, and soft-toss batting practice.

2015 Elementary Baseball Schedule

Date Day Game Away Team Home Team Time Location
4/25/2015 Saturday Pasteur vs. Munger 10:00AM Jayne Field #1
FLICS vs. Schulze 10:00AM Jayne Field #2
bates vs. bye
Harms vs. Burton 12:00PM Jayne Field #1
5/2/2015 Saturday Schulze vs. Bates 10:00AM Jayne Field #1
Munger vs. Bye
FLICS vs. Burton 10:00AM Jayne Field #2
Pasteur vs. Harms 10:00AM Jayne Field #3
5/5/2015 Tuesday Schulze vs. Burton   5:00PM Peterson #1
5/7/2015 Thursday Munger vs. Harms   5:00PM Peterson #1
FLICS vs. Pastuer   5:00PM Peterson #2
5/9/2015 Saturday Burton vs. Pastuer 12:00PM Jayne Field #1
Schulze vs. Harms 12:00PM Jayne Field #2
Munger vs. FLICS   2:00PM Jayne Field #1
5/14/2015 Thursday Schulze vs. Munger   5:00PM Peterson #1
5/16/2015 Saturday Pastuer vs. Schulze 10:00AM Jayne Field #1
Harms vs. FLICS 10:00AM Jayne Field #2
Burton vs. Munger 10:00AM Jayne Field #3
Cross over
5/19/2015 Tuesday #1 vs. #2   5:00PM Peterson #1
#3 vs. #4   5:00PM Peterson #2
5/21/2015 Thursday #5 vs. #6   5:00PM Peterson #1
5/26/2015 Tuesday Play-off Quarter-Finals
1 Bye vs. Seed #1
2 Bye vs. Seed #2
3 Seed #5 vs. Seed #4 5:00PM Peterson #1
4 Seed #6 vs Seed #3 5:00PM Peterson #2
5/30/2015 Saturday Semi-Finals
5 Game 3 Winner   vs. Seed #1 12:00PM Jayne #1
6 Game 4 Winner   vs. Seed #2 12:00PM Jayne #2
6/6/2015 Saturday Championship
7 Game 5 Winner   vs. Game 6 Winner 1:00PM Renaissance