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KDG and Sesame Street Live!!!

Kindergarten went to Sesame Street Live at the Fox Theatre.  We watched our Sesame Street characters come to life! The students had a great time.  Here are a few pictures from Ms. McKay’s class.

Parents and Children Learning Together

Did you know there’s a lot of learning going on in Room 213 and the students are Harms Elementary parents? These adult students are twenty mothers who are part of the English Language Learners...

Wacky Wednesday

Fifth grade students from Mrs.Waldron’s class dress up for count day.  We chose the theme of Wacky Wednesday and as you can see, they fit right in.   Mrs. Waldron

Harms is Ready for Your Students

The Harms teachers and staff have worked very hard to get the classrooms and the entire school ready to welcome our wonderful students and their families.  We have had many renovations over the summer...

Grand Prix Education Day

Mr. Barker’s fourth graders went to the Grand Prix Education Day Thursday May 25th. The students learned about various science concepts through taking part in activities. Some concepts they learned about were friction, gravity,...

2nd Grade Science

Students in the 2nd grade are learning about plants.  We have been learning about the plant parts, the life cycle of a plant, and the needs of plants.

Congratulations to fourth grader Veronica Gonzalez

Congratulations to fourth grader Veronica Gonzalez from Mr. Barker’s class. Veronica was a top finalist in the annual Bookstock writing contests. This year’s topic was “Who is your favorite book character?”  Veronica won a...